2016-2017 Executive Board

Meet the board...

Shelly Chen


Shelly Chen was born and raised in Elk Grove, California, and began attending San Diego State University in the fall of 2014. Growing up in an ever-expanding city is what sparked her interest in real estate and motivated her to major in real estate. Shelly has been a member of the Real Estate Society since her freshman year, and last year, she served as one of our Membership Directors. RES has been one of Shelly’s most favorite things about SDSU, and she greatly enjoys all of the opportunities the society provides for its members. After two years in RES, she felt that the next step would be to serve as RES’s President for the 2016-2017 school year.

Shelly has a lot of exciting events planned for this school year and is looking forward to bringing RES to new heights. Her three goals for this year are obtaining sponsorships, maintaining fluidity, and increasing publicity. She aims to provide members with even more opportunities for involvement in addition to Guest Speaker Events and Case Studies.

Shelly currently works on campus at SDSU Catering. Being in RES has proven to Shelly how exciting and dynamic the real estate industry is, so her career plans and goals for after graduation are to get involved in the industry and ultimately work for a real estate developer. During her free time, you can catch Shelly binge watching crime shows, shooting, practicing calligraphy, and playing the piano.

Blake Imperl

Vice President

           Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Blake graduated high school in 2013. In search of greater opportunities, he came to San Diego State in the fall of 2013 to pursue a degree in management and minor in real estate. Now entering his senior year and third year as a member of RES, he hopes to continue to help grow the RES community.

            As the son of a former commercial real estate investor, Blake has been immersed in the field from a very young age. By pursuing a degree in management and real estate, he hopes to develop a great foundation and follow in his father's footsteps. His ultimate goal is to one day develop modern yet affordable student housing at State. Blake served as the Marketing Director last year and this year will be serving as the Vice President.  

            Outside of real estate, Blake is an avid music fanatic and has been playing guitar since 7 years old. He is the frontman of his band indie/alternative rock band The Hype, and has played at venues such as the House of Blues Anaheim and San Diego, Bar Pink, Rock and Roll San Diego, and Soma.

Michael Gottman

Finance Director

Michael was born in Denver, Colorado but lived out his childhood and teenage years in Manhattan Beach, California.  He attended Mira Costa High School where he played football, baseball, and was a part of the student government.  His hobbies include swimming, SAE, beach volleyball and playing other sports. 

             At San Diego State Michael is a Finance major entering his senior year and is planning on gradating in the spring.  He is a returning board member serving as one of the membership directors last year.  Last year our membership numbers were at the highest they have ever been.  Being apart of the real estate society and executive board team has given Michael enormous amounts of access to valuable information that he wants all students to be aware of.  He feels like he will be able to benefit the society having a background in Finance already and he is looking forward to another great semester.

Kelly Bramkamp

 Executive Director

    Kelly was born and raised in San Dimas, California, a small town in the Inland Empire. After graduating San Dimas High School, Kelly began attending SDSU in fall of 2015 to pursue a degree in Finance. She first heard about the Real Estate Society in one of her classes and after attending her first meeting she was hooked by all the charismatic people and the many opportunities that it offers. As Executive Director, she is excited to get more involved and hopes to represent RES with pride.

Brian Diener
Professional Development

Brian Diener was born and raised in Orange County, California. He began attending San Diego State University in the Fall of 2013 and is currently majoring in Business Finance with a minor in Real Estate. In addition to RES, he is involved on campus as a member of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. Brian is currently interning with a student housing investment firm based out of Mission Valley and plans to pursue a career in commercial real estate. He is excited for his future in real estate and looks forward to being a part of the RES executive board in this coming year.

Jeremiah Taylor

Programs Director

Jeremiah Taylor is a passionate young business professional aspiring to be a leader in the Real Estate Industry in San Diego in the near future. Starting at San Diego State University in the Fall of 2014, Jeremiah quickly learned about the Real Estate Society which helped him see how he could fit into the Real Estate industry very well. His ability to communicate with all types of people and his love of helping people to have better lives has led him to become a great candidate for many different horizons within the Real Estate world. He currently is working to obtain his California Real Estate Salesperson license, is studying his upper division business and entrepreneurship courses at SDSU, and is learning while working an internship at Commercial Facilities Inc. in San Diego County. Hopefully within the next year he will make his first deal as a young Real Estate Agent. Jeremiah Taylor will be working as a Program Director with Luis Cardenas to help facilitate great, informative guest speakers and case studies throughout the 2016-2017 school year. He looks forward to this year and where Real Estate will take him.

Luis Cardenas

Programs Director 

Luis Cardenas began a career in commercial real estate brokerage in 2012 as an agent with Marcus & Millichap in Palo Alto, California. As the son of working-class Mexican immigrants, education was emphasized upon him from an early age. As first generation Americans, his parents did not have the opportunity to pursue their higher education, but worked hard to make college a reality for Luis and his two siblings. In 2014, after gaining a few years of experience, Luis was accepted to SDSU and decided to take a hiatus from his career to chase his dream of earning a bachelor’s degree. As a real estate major, and an active member of the Real Estate Society, he aims to broaden his experience and expertise to better position himself for a prosperous career.

            His curiosity for real estate began in 2007, when the housing market crashed and his parents nearly lost their home when their adjustable rate mortgage skyrocketed. He assisted them through the loan modification process by filling out paper work and translating for them. It was a long and stressful process, but a great learning experience, and that sparked a deep curiosity and insatiable hunger to learn about real estate. From there he worked as a broker’s assistant, while studying for his license and going to school part time.

            Filled with several twists & turns and ups & downs, Luis’ journey led him down an unconventional path. Nevertheless, he has triumphed through each of life’s endeavors with a positive attitude and a steadfast commitment to himself: “never quit.” As an agent, his compensation was 100% commission based and he worked 50 hours a week, making 300 cold calls, and it took 10 months to close his first deal. To survive he worked for his father’s landscaping company on the weekends, installing lawns, building fences and planting trees. The highlight of his tenure was when he listed and sold a 11,000 square foot shopping center for $6.5 million. It was a very complex deal, involving a 1031 exchange buyer, structuring seller financing, dealing with a loan prepayment penalty and negotiating through a $150,000 roof repair estimate at contingency removal. Despite all of the obstacles, Luis managed to overcome them, one by one, and closed the deal.

            Upon graduation in May of 2017, Luis is excited to reignite his real estate career in San Diego, with a particular interest in acquisition analysis. He currently interns at a private equity development firm in San Diego, and holds a real estate salesperson license. Outside of work and school, Luis is an avid baseball fan, and plays catcher for an amateur baseball league in Tijuana. Both of his parents have seven siblings, so he comes from a very big, tight-knit family and he travels home to San Jose often to visit. He is enthusiastic about adding value to the Real Estate Society as Programs Director by arranging inspirational guest speakers, and exciting case studies for members to benefit from.

  Claire Pember

    Marketing Director


Claire Pember was born in England and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was about 4. After high school, she attended community college for 4 years before transferring to San Diego State University in order to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate. She is studying and aiming towards receiving her real estate salesperson license by the end of this year, so she can start working fully in the real estate industry. After graduation in May 2017, her plan is to earn her broker’s license.

 Outside of her studies, Claire has been horseback riding for the last 13 years. She also enjoys shooting, watching an array of shows, socializing, and adventuring new places! 

            Claire joined the Real Estate Society when she first transferred so she could learn more about different aspects in the real estate world and to network in the real estate community. After being a member for a year and realizing how much RES has to offer, she looks forward to being a part of the board as one of the Marketing Directors for the 2016-2017 year! 

Travis Pied

Marketing Director

Travis Pied is currently a senior at SDSU and was born and raised in a small town from New Jersey.  Throughout high school, he was involved in the Future Business Leaders of America organization.  After graduating high school in 2013, Travis followed his dream of going to college in Southern California and experiencing life on the west coast. After researching numerous schools and discovering that SDSU had such a reputable business program, it seemed like the perfect fit for Travis. He is majoring in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and is passionate about real estate. After being inspired by his grandparents who started their own brokerage company to pursue a career in real estate, Travis is excited to learn more about the industry and all it has to offer.

                During his free time, Travis enjoys skiing up in the mountains and surfing when he can. He has been active in RES since his junior year and is excited to begin the new year as a Marketing Director.

Scott Hoover 

Membership Director

Scott Hoover was born and raised in Orange County, California and was part of the third ever graduating class at San Juan Hills High School.  Here he was a multi-sport athlete playing both lacrosse and football and was named male athlete of the year at San Juan High his senior year in 2013.  Off the field, Scott was a high achieving student who was an active member in the National Honor Society.

First arriving at SDSU, Scott was a member of the San Diego State football team but after two seasons he decided to focus on academics and his future career.  With a lot more free time Scott joined the Real Estate Society his third year.

Scott is starting his final year at San Diego state and will be completing graduate with a degree in Marketing in May 2017.  After graduating, Scott is interested in pursuing a career in commercial property management. As one of the membership directors, Scott is excited to grow the society and welcome many new faces to RES.

Conner Cossette
Membership Director

Conner Cossette was born and raised in Stockton, CA, where he graduated from Lincoln High School in 2013. Throughout high school, Conner's time was consumed by AP and Honors courses as well as football and lacrosse. At San Diego State University, Conner is a Criminal Justice major with a Real Estate minor. He aspires to attend law school in the near future and plans on being involved within the real estate industry.

Phu Vu

Membership Director

Originally from Vietnam, Phu Vu is a proud immigrant and first-generation college student who never takes anything for granted. His family immigrated to California when Phu was just three years old in order to pursue a safer life with better opportunities for him and his sisters. After graduating from Escondido High School, Phu attended SDSU in the fall of 2015 to pursue a degree in real estate.

His passion for real estate started when he would spend countless hours watching the shows on the HGTV channel; his favorites being House Hunters and Love It or List It. One of Phu’s career goals is to one day host his own television show on HGTV and whenever he sets his mind to something, he does everything he can to achieve it. His current goal is to obtain his salesperson license before 2016 ends.

As a part of the membership director team for this year, Phu is looking forward to using his exuberant personality in order to recruit new members and to increase member involvement. He hopes to share to others the unique and beneficial learning experience the Real Estate Society has provided for him so far. 

Marcus Caines
Community Outreach Director

Marcus Caines was born and raised in Carlsbad, California.  He graduated from La Costa Canyon High School in 2015 where he competed in Track & Field.  Having a father who graduated SDSU and a sister that currently attends SDSU, Marcus was thrilled to become an Aztec himself, pursuing a degree in finance.

At San Diego State University, Marcus is an active member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, where he learned about Real Estate Society.  Marcus joined RES in the Spring of 2016 where he gained a vast interest in commercial Real Estate and what it has to offer!

Jay Chandler

Community Outreach Director

Originally born in Upland, California, Jay graduated from Upland High School and began attending San Diego State in 2012. At Upland High School, he was captain of his tennis team and a four year varsity player. Off the court, he was involved with Environmental Club and Boy Scouts of America.

At San Diego State, Jay is a senior with a major in business real estate. He is interested in all aspects of real estate but wants to pursue a career in commercial real estate. He currently is an intern at Coastal Premier Properties located in Del Mar, San Diego. Besides being actively involved with Real Estate Society, he is also an active member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.

Jay joined Real Estate Society with a passion to learn more about the industry. With his experience in real estate, he hopes to give his all to the society as part of the executive board and cannot wait to see what the school year has in store.